Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Seoul Garden Korean Restaurant/Cuisine


 Last semester, I enrolled in a Korean language class. My class begins at 4:00 and ends at 5:30 pm daily. I’m really thankful for that wonderful learning experience. I was introduced to Korea’s culture and history. I met new friends, spoke their language and tasted their cuisine. It was really hard at first. I had to memorize the Hangul alphabet and translate the roman letters to Hangul. It was an extra effort for me to transcribe tomorrow’s reading comprehension. I struggled to read in Hangul and keep up with the class’ pace. Our exam was purely written in Korean as well as the instructions, (though our teacher/”seonsaengnim” explain it) I find it hard at first. When the exam results arrived, I was surprised to see many circles (means wrong) on my test paper, only to find out that those circles mean it’s correct. I was on the top 3 highest scores (I’m really glad my effort paid off).

Now, I can speak and read Hangul, though I only understand some of its meanings. There are so many Korean words and it’s very hard to memorize all at once. During our final period we were asked to make a presentation of a Korean topic (music, dance, costume, history, people, food, etc.). Our group decided to make a food demonstration on how to make “kimbap”. We also made an introductory video presenting a Korean restaurant and its food. After the introductory video, we proceeded in the demonstration of “kimbap” making. Here’s the introductory video with my lovely classmates.

Seoul Garden Korean Restaurant/Cuisine

잘했어요 !!! 친구 가 보고시버 !!!

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