Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Convert Hangul Letters and Vice Versa for free!!!

한굴 ---> Roman Letters

This is a free site where  anyone can romanize hangul characters. Anyone may find it useful especially for those who want to sing-along with Kpop lyrics. One must have the copy of the lyrics, (copy then paste it to this site), and it will do its job.

I've used this a hundred times whenever I want to post something in Hangul. You should know the spelling of the word in Hangul in order to convert it correctly. I'm not recommending it for long text conversion. I do not know any other site, thus I never tried another service. Check it out, and see if it'll work for you. Goodluck!


  1. tried this one! it's great. Thanks

  2. I think that relying on manual romanization is better. This application does not change the romanization when pronunciation rules like linking, nasalization and palatalization are applied. For example, 없 alone is pronounced as 'eop', and when it is linked to a nasal sound, like 없는, it should be pronounced as 'eomneun' because of nasalization. However, the romanization displayed for 없는 still remains as eopneun, which could cause confusion for learners. Thank you, however, for sharing this tool with us.