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How to make Kimbap (Korean and English)


Credits from aeriskitchen @ Youtube


During my Korean language class, we demonstrated how to make Kimbap - Korean sushi roll... This is the script we used during our demonstration. It is in Hangul and in English.... 

- 안녕하세요 여러본! Our report is about Korean foods. 오늘은김밥을만드세요.

- 김밥을너무인기있습니다. Koreans usually bring Kimbap on picnics.

- 김밥을 많은 종류의 한국에있다.(There are many kinds of kimbap in Korea)

- 김치김밥 하고 투나김밥 하고 소고기김밥 하고 더 많은 김밥 있습니다. 
(There is kimchi kimbap, tuna kimbap, beef kimbap and many more.)

- 자…잘 들어세요여러본! So, let's make it everyone!

- 얼마나김밥만드로걸려요? How long does it take to make kimbap?

- 아주 빠릅니다. 아마 10분쯤. It's very easy. Maybe 10 minutes.

- 그럼요, 무엇을재료가 필요해요? Is that it? So, what are the ingredients needed/?

재료: Ingredients

 김 (Seaweed)
 당근(carrots)
 햄 (Ham)
 단무지(Raddish)
 계란 (Eggs)
 밥(Cooked Rice)
 1 tsp Salt
 참기름 (sesame oil)
 1½ Tbsp Olive Oil
 깻잎(Sesame Seeds)

- 알았어. 김밥을 만드가봐요! 무엇을 먼저해야해요? Allright! Let's start making kimbap! What are the steps?


1. 첫 번재 당근을 하고햄을하고단무지를하고계란을 같은써세. (First, cut the radish, carrots, the cooked eggs, and the hams to equal length and sizes.)

2. Sprinkle 1½ tsp of sea salt on the cucumber. 넣고 오분쯤 기다리세요(Leave it set for 5 minutes) Rinse the cucumber once.

3. Remember to wipe the water off the cucumber with a towel.

4. In a large bowl, add 7 or 8 bowls of cooked rice. Add 1½ Tbsp of sesame oil, 1½ Tbsp of olive oil, 1 tsp of salt, and ½ Tbsp of sesame seeds. Mix gently, so your rice will not be mashed.

5. Cover your rice with the plastic wrap, so it will not get dry.

6. The shiny part of the seaweed sheet will be on the bottom. Spread some rice on ⅔ of the seaweed sheet.

7. 밥을 위에 단무지를 하고 당근을넣고. (Place the radish and carrots on top of the rice.) 햄을 당근을 옆에넣고. (Put the ham next to the carrots.)

8. 햄을 위에 계란을 넣고. (Put the egg on top of the ham.)

9. 김밥은 다 말렸지만. 김밥을 마는대로 가지런히 정리를 하고 칼로 썰어서 먹으면 됩니다. (Roll the kimbap with the bamboo mat. Squeeze it hard.  I just copied this. Dunno if this is right. T.T ) Put some sesame oil on the surface of the kimbap. It will give flavor and keep your kimbap shiny.

10. Put some rice on the end of the seaweed sheet to help seal it shut.

11. 김밥을써세요. 김밥을 너무 두꺼운 끄지마.(Cut the kmibap. Do not cut it too thick)

- Tadaaa! 다 됐어요! 맜잇는 김밥 있어요.

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