Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love Light C.N. Blue (사랑 빛) Guitar Chords

It's CN Blue's day today. I played their songs the whole day and keep playing it till now. I copied this album from a friend's laptop several months ago, since then it became one of my favorite K-Pop artist. I've tried to search the guitar chords for the song "Love Light," but there were no results like that of guitarchords.com. There were many video results but these are so far the best I saw... I've tried playing this on my guitar with the chords D F# G A (same thing over and over) as instructed, and it was great. These are the videos...

Credits from: Smoking Topath @ You Tube

credits from: seojuwan @ youtube

씨엔블루 CNBLUE - 사랑빛 어쿠스틱기타 강좌

감사핲니다 !!!! - mypurpleaddiction

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